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1. Choose a Custom Logo or Object Silhouette size limit.

2. Type your color choice in the box.

3. Add to cart and purchase.

4. Email a photo or file to: Send your photo here for custom decals

5. Expect a proof in a few days.

6. Expect your order in about two weeks.

What happens next
When you email us your photo or file, let us know how tall you want your logo/silhouette and any special instructions. Your custom logo or silhouette can be any size up to the size limit you purchase. We understand that sometimes is takes a while to get a good photo, take your time. Feel free to send us multiple photos if you want us to help you decide which one would make the best silhouette. Higher resolution pictures make better silhouettes. Please send us the original image from your camera (the largest file). Some computer programs, such as Picasa, shrink photos for emailing. A full-size digital picture should be at least 1 megabyte (1000K). We will email you a proof before we cut it.

Product description
Vinyl Decal
High Quality - Will last many, many years.
High Detail
Easy Application - Application instructions and a practice decal included with every order.
Use On Multiple Surfaces - As wall stickers, on glass, mirrors, painted wood or canvas, plastic, signs, cars, boats, or almost any smooth surface. (Lightly textured walls are okay but not recommended.)
Color Options –See color palette link on left at top (default: matte black)
Removable or Permanent Vinyl – Removable vinyl (our default vinyl) is recommended for most situations, but if you would like, we can make your silhouettes out of permanent vinyl instead (just type "PERMANENT" in the Color box with your color). This is important if your wall decals will be outdoors or in public areas subject to abuse. Permanent vinyl is waterproof and difficult to remove. At this time we only offer permanent vinyl in black or white (colors available for purchases over $300). Permanent vinyl is glossy and removable vinyl matte.
FAST SHIPPING – Allow 5-10 business days for delivery (rush orders available).

Your purchase goes directly to Worldwide Education Services, a public charity dedicated to improving lives through education and strengthening family values. Life can be so much more.

FYI: The black area in the example silhouettes above is the shape of the decal. The white area will be whatever background the decal is placed on.
Not sure if your photo/file will work?
Send it to Silhouette photo email address for a free evaluation

Have something special in mind?
We can probably make it--just ask!

*Price is for a single color decal of your company’s logo (no design work included). Copyrighted material will not be reproduced.

**Unusually complex or difficult images may be subject to additional costs (you will be notified and given the option whether or not to proceed).
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