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    Bear 30 (Bear Silhouette: Wall Decals)

    Bear Silhouette: Bear Silhouette Vinyl Decal. (Wall Decals)

    Bear 30 Silhouette Vinyl Decal
    Trendy and classical, decorate in style. Our Bear 30 silhouette vinyl decals are durable, very realistic, and easy to apply. You won't be disappointed! Our permanent vinyl is weatherproof, flexible, resistant to UV rays, fading, and will stand the test of time. It's great for public places and outdoors. Our removable vinyl is also good quality, but can be peeled off fairly easily.

    What are silhouette vinyl decals like on walls? They look great! Our vinyl silhouette material is so thin it looks like the Bear 30 is painted on the wall (but with crisp edges and a lot more detail).And when you order many silhouette vinyl decals, as long as you choose the same "% Life-size," they will all match. Create places that inspire! Make amazing, fun wall scenes and bring rooms, walls, and hallways to life! Vinyl silhouette decals are a particularly great way to decorate walls in recreational areas.

    Worried about putting up your Bear 30 vinyl decal? You can do it! It's not hard, check out the 1 minute application video below. And to make it even easier, every order comes with a practice vinyl decal (and detailed written instructions). You've got this!

    Bear 30 Silhouette Product Details:

    (Bear 30 Silhouette Vinyl Decal)

    High Quality - Will last many years.
    High Detail - High resolution Bear 30 silhouette.
    Easy Application - Instructions and a practice vinyl decal included with every order.
    Works on Almost Any Smooth Surface - As wall stickers*, on windows, mirrors, metal, painted wood, plastic, signs, cars, boats, etc.
    Removable or Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Option:
     Removable Vinyl (Matte): For indoor applications; easy removal.
     Permanent Vinyl (Glossy): For outdoors and public places; resistant to abuse and prying; weatherproof; made to stay.
    Fast Shipping - Allow 5-11 business days for delivery (US). Rush order and expedited shipping available at checkout.
    Custom Sizes Available

    FYI: The Bear 30 silhouette vinyl decal is cut out. There is no white or clear background.

    *Some wall textures may not give the vinyl decal as much adherence (see our FAQ's).

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