What are custom vinyl silhouette decals?
Think of them as high quality silhouette decals.
Our Silhouette Wall Decals are geat for use on
walls, glass, painted wood, cars, signs, boats, in picture frames, almost anywhere!
Life-size Children Wall Decals and Tree Silhouette Wall Stickers
Big wall scenes, custom personalized wall murals...decorate with silhouettes...vinyl wall murals...silhouette wall decor.
Child Silhouettes, Life-size (or bigger) Vinyl Wall Decals
Life-size Animal Silhouettes, Full-size Tree Silhouette Wall Decals, Stickers
Life-size Animal Silhouette Wall Decals, Full-size Silhouette Stickers
Life-size Silhouette Wall Stickers, Full-size Children Silhouette Wall Decals
Full-scale Children Silhouette Wall Decals, Life-size Children Silhouette Wall Stickers, Running, Jumping, Playing...
Custom wall silhouette decals made from you own photos
Real UNSOLICITED customer comments:

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silhouettes!!! They turned out better than I ever hoped!"
--Lisa, Illinois

"Oh my gosh, [the custom silhouette] is PERFECT!!!!! Wow, that was fast!! I love, love, love it!!! It sounds silly but it almost made me tear up a little - it is beautiful, thank you so much."
--Kristina, Washington DC

"Your product was truly easy to use! I was amazed at the quality and have gotten many compliments..."
--Tina, Wisconsin

"Oh my gosh, I am so impressed! I LOVE the silhouettes. I'm so happy and excited with the way they turned out. Thank you so much."
--Tera, Michigan

"You guys are amazing!!
--Emma, New York

"I am just amazed at your product!!!
...Great work!!"
--Jilli, Kentucky

"Wow!! The Silhouette is beautiful!!
I love it!"
--Chandra, Florida

"Unbelievably fantastic!!!
I am so pleased!"
--Nanci, Texas

"Wanted to let you know that I received the decals and love them to bits! Thanks so much."
--Su Ling, Singapore
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Silhouettes...anything you can imagine!

We have launched a NEW WEBSITE with more options and even better pricing! It has all sizes of silhouettes (not just life-size) along with city skylines, decor, etc. You can find the new website at:

Looking for an easy, inexpensive alternative to wall murals or a custom silhouette of your child? Our small to life-size+ wall silhouette decals quickly transform bare walls into places of inspiration. We offer hundreds of quality vinyl decals perfect for decorating sports complexes or stores, homes, daycares, churches, gyms, schools, children's museums, nurseries, etc. They are very durable and easy to apply.

Wall Silhouettes
Full-size Child Silhouette, Small to Life-size+ Children Silhouette Wall Decals
Life-size Safari Animal Silhouettes, Full-size Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys... Wall Stickers
Full-scale Sport Silhouette Wall Decals
Snowboard, Ski, Ice Skating, Silhouette Decals
Decorative Vinyl Decals
Childrens Decals: Planes, Trains, Heavy Equiptment...
CITY SKYLINE WALL DECALS Cityscape Silhouettes
Small to Life-size Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Skating Silhouette Wall Decals
Phrase Vinyl Decals
Looking for something? We have thousands of silhouettes not yet available on our website-just contact us. Have something special in mind? We do all types of custom work at a very affordable price.
Custom Decals
Small to Full-size Custom Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decals
Custom Profile Vinyl Silhouettes
Custom Pet Silhouette Vinyl Wall Stickers
Custom Vinyl Lettering
Custom Object Silhouettes
Looking for something special? We will help you create it!
We turn your digital photos into custom vinyl silhouettes.
Sport Wall Silhouettes...Life-size Children Silhouettes...Custom Full-size Silhouette Decals

We can make our silhouette decals any size, from just a few inches to over 30 feet square!

Contact us with your design ideas, call or email: send your email here
We look forward to hearing from you...

Full-size Sports Wall Silhouettes...Soccer Player, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Karate...

Our silhouette wall stickers are ideal for decorating youth rooms and children's areas in churches, daycares, doctor's offices, discovery rooms, etc. Our permanent vinyl is very durable and handles well the prying little fingers of young children. The silhouette decals are so thin they look like they are painted on the wall (but have a lot more detail). In reality they are an ultra-thin performance vinyl. We use the same material to create our permanent silhouette wall decals as the other companies use for high-performance automotive graphics--top notch vinyl. It is UV, fade, and tear-resistant as well as waterproof. Don't want your decals to be permanent? We also offer removable vinyl for those who want a quality product and the option to remove their silhouette decals at any time.

Our custom silhouette decals can be applied as wall stickers, on glass, mirrors, painted wood or canvas, plastic, metal, signs, cars, boats, or on almost any smooth surface. (Lightly textured walls are okay but not recommended.) They are very easy to apply. They come with instructions and transfer tape already on them. We also include a practice decal with every order to help ensure your success. Application is not hard, all you have to do is tape the top of your decal to your wall. Lift it up using the tape as a hinge, peel off the backing paper and place it back on the wall. Peel off the transfer tape and your done! It is that easy.

What about our custom silhouettes? We make custom life-size vinyl silhouette decals from your own photos. All you need to do is send us a digital photo of the person, pet, etc., tell us how tall they are (or how tall you want it), and we'll take it from there. Do they love sports, dancing, music, skating...let us capture them in action doing what they love! Our custom silhouette decals start at only $73.

Your purchases go directly to Worldwide Education Services, a public charity dedicated to improving lives through education.

We make all kinds of custom silhouette graphics. We will not, however, create copyrighted, sensual, or controversial images at our discretion.

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